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Mom and Baby
13 January 2010

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omid on Going Home
so beautiful! Nice smile! :)

omid on The joys of swinging
so beautiful! Lovely!

Nyx Robey on Mom and Baby
love the soft lighting- it really captures the infant perfectly. Gorgeous photo.

Sandi Halverstadt on Mom and Baby
The lightest light and the darkest dark draws the eye of the viewer immediately to the focal point, the place of ...

Sandi Halverstadt on Mom and Baby
Such a tender, beautiful moment in time.

marc battault on Mom and Baby
magical moment of simple happiness! friendships!

Manu on Mom and Baby
wonderful photo! *****

HEsArt on Mom and Baby
VERY VERY well done!!! GREAT EYE in all aspect of a GREAT PHOTO!!! Nice.

marc battault on Temple
a great perspective !!! i like it ! friendships

marc battault on Airplane
a wonderful and great perspective !! very good dive ! friendships !

Meysam on Doors
Wonderful concept and rendering!

Curly on Doors
Super - the reflections work very well, and you managed to stay out of the picture too!

Mandy Provan on Doors
Ooh I love this! Great shot

marc battault on Temple Lines
a very nice perspective !a nice record ! friendships

mandy on Newborn
a magnificent portrait and collage Abbie. Great in B/W

marc battault on Newborn
is ashley? a sweetness portrait , n & b, a beautiful composition that this double portrait!

marianne on J just born
oh what a wonderfull shot .......... welcome in our world, lovely Ashley, your are a sun of the life ... i wish you the ...

marc battault on J just born
ashley a welcome to our world! a nice photo tenderness, abbie! bises!

LauraS on J just born
Sweet fee shot.

marc battault on Peek-a-boo
very pretty eyes, a beautiful portrait, I'm glad to find your beautiful pictures abbie! bises!

chandan on Peek-a-boo
Looks like this baby is excited about the Blue eyes....Good snap

Charles on Peek-a-boo
Beautiful eyes. Love the clarity.

Mandy on Basket girl
I really love this Abbie, she is adorable in her little basket! :)

Charles on Basket girl
Precious. Never seen a shot like this before. Nicely done.

Charles on E
So peaceful. Awesome shot.

Mandy on E
so sweet and innocent! Nothing nicer than a sleeping baby!

Lee on Water on window
this is magnificent!

Lee on Sunset
this is such a whack question, but is that by my house/kiley smith's house? I would swear it was ....

Charles on Trees2
Love the combination of blue sky with the snow. Looks great!

khosro on Trees2
this is my new photoblog !

Mandy on Trees2
A wonderful winter shot - Love the bright blue peeking through

Eleftheria on Trees2
So beautiful!!!

Charles on Hydrant
I like the angle and the details/tones. Looks nice.

Charles on Signs
Nice composition. I love the street signs and the brick in the building. Nice shot!!!

marc battault on Signs
very nice graphic effect! these signs are typical of home! superb shot! abbie! bises

Eleftheria on Frozen Twig
Great beauty!

Charles on Frozen Twig
Nice shot. I like the depth of field and there is just enough contrast with the twig to separate the ice. Looks great!

marc battault on Frozen Twig
a great depth of field, for this beautiful "jewel"

marc battault on First snowfall
a nice sweetness to these branches sprinkled with sugar! bises

micke bergling on View from my window
Wow...Lovely View..

micke bergling on First snowfall
I love it... Great Shot!

JH on First snowfall
Amazing colours, reminds of the first day of snow here in Konstanz a few months ago. Great pic.

Sarito on First snowfall
very beautiful shot!

Jen on Sunset
Beautiful photo. The light is stunning, and the composition is great.

marc battault on Sunset
lovely portrait! a very beautiful composition! bises!

michele on Sunset
This is gorgeous, worthy of framing!

zahai on Sunset
Wonderful light and composition. Love the warm colors. Well done :)

SunFe on Sunset
Lovely photo...beautiful colors!

Mandy on Leading the way
I really like this one Abbie - great work. Cool effect around the edges - how did you do that?

Mandy on Sunset
I Love this!!! Stunning shot Abbie

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